Recruitment Coaching for the Creative Sector

Recruitment Bootcamp

We are delighted to welcome you to Recruitment Bootcamp.

We are committed to coaching and training through Recruitment Bootcamp and with continuous support, enabling you to become the best and most effective recruiter.

We’ll help you plan and develop your current and future recruitment strategies, and will save you time and money in all your recruitment campaigns. You’ll learn how to attract the very best talent to your team and how to do so in a cohesive, effective way that reflects your company brand and your own team.

Recruitment Bootcamp’s aim is to improve  recruitment processes, increase your success in attracting talent, and is designed for marketing, PR, creative, digital, social media and communications roles and people. You’ll be part of Recruitment Bootcamp because you care about doing things properly and would like to learn how to do that, and at the same time save time and money.

This course is for you if you are already regularly recruiting in these areas, whether that is through your in-house team, or using recruitment agencies. It’s for you if you want to stand out from the competition,  if you’d like to get people excited about working within your business, and truly want to invest in finding out more about your community and the talent within it.

This in-depth course will upgrade your knowledge of all aspects of the recruitment process from the decision to recruit a new team member, right through to negotiating the offer and confirming the start date!

The full course is just £995 + VAT = £1194.00

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What will we cover?

The course will be delivered through 12 sessions, enabling you to study when best suits you, and by buying the course you will receive life-time access to the content, as well as any updates.

Module One

Introduction to Recruitment Bootcamp.

Experienced recruiter Liz Gadd will introduce you to the course and the team, let you know what to expect and explain about all the extra support that will be available to you from her and the team.

Module Two

Recruitment Challenge 2024

The current recruitment challenges, what’s coming next and why good candidates are hard to find! Liz will outline all the changes that have happened over the last few years, and job seekers options now.

Module Three

Recruitment messaging and your recruitment team.

We will talk about the recruitment messaging opportunities that arise within your company’s marketing activities and how to set up a really great recruitment team.

Module Four

Recruitment planning

This module is all about the planning. Once you’ve decided to recruit, here’s what you should plan and organise, and all the extra information that will influence how you move through your recruitment plan.

Module Five

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

The facts and figures, and how diversity and equality issues form part of your recruitment strategy. Also, how it affects your job description, advertising and your commitment and understanding of EDI.

Module Six

Job description and person specification

Helping you create the most effective job description and person specification, and the essential components to make them a valuable and useful part of your recruitment campaign.

Module Seven


This section will cover how to create the advert and decide on where to place it. There’ll be lots of information about creating the best recruitment advertising copy, who should and can write it, how candidates look for jobs and how to make your job stand out.

Module Eight

Social media and job boards.

How to choose the right job boards and social media campaigns to attract the right person. We will include insights into how the job boards work, and best practice for both job boards and social media.

Module Nine

Recruitment agencies.

The different types of agency, how each one operates and many insider tips on how to get the very best out of your recruitment partners, including how the skills you are learning through Recruitment Bootcamp will save you time and money with your agencies.

Module Ten

Applications and interviews

How to manage the applications, scheduling, and the interview process. You’ll prepare for the interview and presentations, learn good practice, including an effective and legal record of applications. This session will include advice on feedback and reference checking.

Module Eleven

Financials including the real cost of recruitment.

How to best present the offer, how to negotiate, and the paperwork! We will take an in-depth look at the real cost of recruitment and how the methods that we have coached you on through these modules will reduce that cost.

Module Twelve

Summary and next steps

We will round up all that we have covered, and talk about the next steps including how you can access support from the Recruitment Bootcamp team after the course; we are here for you!

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Meet  the experts

Liz Gadd &

Rebecca Hodgson

Liz Gadd – Liz has been working in recruitment for 32 years, and has studied recruitment through a degree and a diploma in Recruitment Practice. She’s also taken literally hundreds of other courses and development programmes related to recruitment practice and strategy.

To put the last three decades into context, when Liz started recruiting in 1992 there were 10 candidates for every job; in 2024 there are 10 jobs for every candidate (many more if you count 100% remote working opportunities).

Liz and Becs are proud founders of Moxie and Mettle (recruiters for the creative sector) as well as Recruitment Bootcamp. Over the last 32 years, Liz has set up, run and sold five recruitment businesses, launched two from scratch as a consultant for recruitment groups;, and managed two other agencies as an employee. Having worked for herself since 1997, Liz is now in partnership with Rebecca Hodgson, who has 22 years’ experience too, quite a team!

Liz says: “For most of my recruitment career, I have been astounded at some awful recruitment practices by employers! I’ve been critical of behaviours and attitudes. I’ve been bothered at the things some people said during a recruitment interview. All parts of the process have been challenging at times due to inappropriate or discriminatory process, in particular unconscious bias, and sadly on a fairly regular basis. Bad practice in recruitment is sadly still a very regular occurrence.

Many times I’m just been frustrated that recruiting managers/directors just “don’t get the obvious” – and I’ve tried to do my bit to educate, advise, encourage and coach people, as have my teams over the years.

On the flipside, I’ve worked with some amazing clients who do most things perfectly but don’t always get the results due to just not knowing how to tweak or change the process to suit the particular market conditions.

The pandemic permanently changed the recruitment landscape in the creative sectors. It’s still ever changing, with flexible working/hybrid/remote options always a talking point as well as many other aspects of people getting a new role and clients seeking talent.

We aim to change how recruitment is done in the creative sector – one Recruitment Bootcamp at a time!


We have a very simple mission

  • to educate, inform, train and coach people through the recruitment processes to achieve better results, more quickly, more efficiently and effectively, and to help them save money too
  • to create an ever-growing group of entrepreneurs, business owners and senior management teams within the creative sector who recruit properly and who care enough to learn how to do so.
  • to provide a purposeful and ethically sound recruitment experience for candidates who are in the creative sector already or who’d like to join it.

Our recruitment experience in the creative sector covers all those involved in marketing, creative, digital, design, PR, communications, social media, and creative production; and those in support roles in the sector. This includes both in-house teams and agencies, and applies to both freelance and permanent people and roles.

Celia Gadd

Celia Gadd has been coaching and mentoring for many years, having started as one of the youngest people in the country to pass all her British Horse Society teaching qualifications.

Celia started her journey as an entrepreneur after leaving school at 16, and set up a large equestrian riding school and livery yard which was soon fully booked. She went on to run one of the largest competition centres in the South West, being responsible for all of their events, PR and marketing. In 1998 Celia set up her first equestrian magazine, Somerset Riders, being responsible for the production, advertising sales and editorial content, and within 9 months had sold the title to the Western Daily Press who took the magazine in-house and included it within their newspaper, keeping Celia on as Editor for the next 10 years.

During this time, Celia also worked closely with Liz Gadd (her sister), in the rural sector of the recruitment agencies, and successfully placed many candidates into the industry. Celia and Liz together developed the lifestyle magazine, Equine, Canine and Country, which was also later sold to another publisher.

Through her time working on the magazines, Celia helped numerous small businesses with their social media, marketing, PR and advertising campaigns and is a well-known person in the industry.

Her love of coaching and developing people has shone out during her time with her network marketing business, Utility Warehouse. Having started with the company in 2009 she now has a team of nearly 900 partners and has worked her way up to one of the highest levels in the company and is a well respected company trainer. Celia is a confident and eloquent speaker and is often asked to take the stage at large events to share her high level of knowledge and experience.

Course Cost: £995 + VAT

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