7 Ways for Founders to Enjoy Recruiting

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June 5, 2023 |
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Liz Gadd
Enjoyable recruitment

Can founders truly enjoy recruiting?


Recruitment Bootcamp’s ethos is about making recruitment enjoyable, fun even. With our expertise to hand you can make the process pleasurable. The key is to figure out how to do so upfront, not when you’re knee-deep in CVs.


Here are 7 ways to enjoy recruiting in your business — I’m sure you can think of a few more. Once you’ve had a read through, pick a few that feel good to you and see if you can implement them in your process.


1) Take time to create really good vacancy advertisements and job descriptions


Your job advertisements are more important than you think, especially if you’re a B2B business, such as a corporate design agency or a PR firm. Why? Because they might be the first point of contact that many people have with your brand. And that can affect people’s views of it.


This is a positive opportunity to make a great impression. Be your own favourite client and put some real work into creating an advertisement that you and your team are super proud of.


Oh, and they can be entertaining too! Take a look at these examples for inspiration.


2) It’s an opportunity to be innovative


Hiring is about the future of your business, and so the recruitment process is a great opportunity to show how innovative you can be. Whether that’s using new technology or laying out your future plans, it’s time to begin bringing your future vision to life. Remember to share your vision with your current team and your recruitment agency (if you’re using one), as well as potential new recruits!


Take a look at these 10 creative job ads to inspire you.


3) Be fully present in job interviews


It’s hard to enjoy the recruitment process if you’re dashing in late to the candidate interview, not having read their CV. Give yourself time and space to make this important decision, enjoy meeting these new people and be present and attentive in their interviews. Put at least 15 minutes in your diary before and after each candidate interview to prepare and review what you’ve just heard. Using a template to log how each candidate fared against your criteria will help you stay on track.


Leave plenty of space in the interview for the candidate to talk. It can be tempting to jump in when they’re thinking. If you can resist filling the space, and leave a few comfortable silences, you’re likely to receive some thoughtful responses.


4) Make the experience enjoyable for the candidates


From well-worded advertisements to a warm welcome at reception, there are so many ways to make each step of the recruiting process enjoyable. Perhaps you run a marketing agency, where you treat your clients and potential clients with thought and care. Give potential team members a similar experience. This will help put everyone at their ease as well as showing your business in the best light to potential employees.


Following up with candidates, including those who have been unsuccessful, is good manners and reflects well on your company.


5) Shout about it


Creating jobs is good news, and part of enjoying that process is sharing the vacancies and new hire information on your website, social media and perhaps in the industry press too. Have fun, share photos of the new hire, celebrate! It’s also a chance to tell the outside world a bit more about your brand and ethos. Enjoy introducing your new team members to your customers, clients and other members of staff. Taking time over doing this well now makes their onboarding smooth and helps in the future.


6) Involve your colleagues or associates


Hiring together can be a really rewarding process and by including more of the team, you’ll ease the workload on yourself too. Be clear in advance about how you’ll jointly approach interviews and so on, so that it all runs smoothly on the day. Within reason, encouraging other team member to contribute to the recruitment process can really help build rapport and a sense of ownership, which can be great for your workplace culture long-term too.


7) Make your endings as good as your beginnings


If you’re recruiting because someone is leaving, this doesn’t need to be brushed under the carpet. Celebrate them and their work and whether they’re moving elsewhere or retiring, give them a really supportive send-off. Ending relationships with employees, clients or suppliers can be just as important as beginning them. It’s not just about leaving drinks. The whole experience can be enjoyable if handled well. And if they’re remote, find ways of marking their leaving remotely. Incidentally, you never know where they’ll end up — they could turn out to be your next big client win!



Recruitment Bootcamp is run by experts who can teach you how to attract the best talent for your business. Stay ahead of important issues and trends by signing up HERE.

Liz Gadd

Liz has been working as a recruiter for three decades, working within marketing and PR since 1992, and of course more recently in social media and digital marketing recruitment.

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