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Recruitment Bootcamp has a very simple mission – to improve recruitment practices within the creative sector in the UK, creating a positive, beneficial and enjoyable experience for everyone involved in the process – that’s both the recruiter and the candidate.

The purpose of this course is to help those who’d like to recruit properly. Those who want to learn how to be more effective, more efficient, more appealing to their potential employees and engage with the right people.

With an online course, we can reach more people, and get a chance to offer honest and accurate information on how to recruit and to teach skills that so often, people never get taught.

In all honesty, recruitment should be fun! People who are recruiting should be thinking “I’m so pleased and excited that we’ve got an opportunity to get a great new person into the team“ – and really mean it.

You will learn all sorts of skills, will be given information you may never have even thought about, you’ll finish the course with a plan, and with a clear direction on how you want to recruit people for your business, and who those people are!


What’s in the course?


Scripts, workbooks and resource guides full of information on the best recruitment practice and advice on techniques, processes and procedures.

The  modules, workbooks and support information are all held within the learning portal, to which you will have instant access on joining the course.  you can choose when you want to listen, learn and implement the content. It’s lifetime access so all updates will be available to you.

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